The latest Bing Maps Imagery Update…

…is live and what an update it is. 6.5 million square kilometres of ortho-photos over the following countries:

Country Area (Sqkm)
Australia 524,645
Botswana 61,433
Estonia 618
Hungary 3,369
Mexico 236,624
Morocco 13,303
Namibia 72,162
New Zealand 14,987
Poland 6,254
Romania 3,695
Russian Federation 465,261
South Africa 123,138
Turkey 16,148
United Kingdom 15,221
United States 4,972,673



Additionally 110,000 square kilometres of oblique aerial images

Country Area (SqKm)
Austria 238
Belgium 898
Denmark 718
Finland 1,634
France 2,001
Germany 8,484
Greece 931
Ireland 1,340
Italy 4,392
Netherlands 1,709
Norway 2,425
Portugal 2,184
Romania 1,534
Spain 5,143
Sweden 6,747
Switzerland 424
United Kingdom 13,094
United States 56,007



Among the many new cities is Trier with the roman Porta Nigra:


If you want to find out the exact regions of the updates have a look here. For an animated tour visited the Bing Maps World Tour and as always check out Chris Pendleton’s blog.

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