A Different Look at the Latest Imagery Updates using Microsoft Live Labs Pivot

Recently I became aware of Microsoft Live Labs Pivot. From their website: “Pivot is a really ambitious project that makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun.” Well in the latest Bing Maps imagery update we had updates


  • 2 suppliers


  • 4 different ground-resolutions


  • 4 continents,
  • 7 sub-regions,
  • 21 countries or
  • 471 areas.

A total of

  • 605,751 square-kilometres

That appears to be enough to give Pivot a first crack. To set up a Pivot-Collection proved to be amazingly simple and it was indeed fun to work with it. My first result is available here:

Check out the various dimensions…


…select a data point to look at the details and get more information from Bing…


…and then click on “Open” to explore the area directly in Bing Maps:


Unfortunately Pivot is currently available by invitation only. So if you are interested visit the website and request an invitation.

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