Bringing the Beauty (Bing Maps) and the Beast (SQL Server 2008) together

Do you work with geospatial datasets in a database? Are you interested in thematic mapping? Do you consider to add a spatial component to your risk analysis application? If any of this sounds interesting to you than you should join us for a full day of technical training in the the Microsoft office in Reading.

Microsoft Campus, Reading, RG6 1WG, UK
Microsoft Campus, Reading, RG6 1WG, UK


I have 6 and a half hours on the 21st of January to torture the attendees and dive really deep into SQL Server 2008’s spatial capabilities and the data visualization with Bing Maps.

After an introduction into the spatial data types, spatial indexing and spatial functions in SQL Server 2008 we will look into the complete spatial ETL process including nasty things like coordinate system conversions or re-projections. Once we have the data in SQL Server we can already start with interesting analysis but more often we would want to get them out and display the data on our Bing Maps. We will of course do that as well and throughout the day we will look at the do’s and don’ts.

If you are interested register here.

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