Bing Maps at TechEd Europe

Tomorrow the TechEd Europe opens it’s gates in Berlin and Bing Maps will be represented as well. Chris Pendleton will come over from Redmond and join us for the week and I have the privilege of presenting 2 sessions on Bing Maps:

  1. WIA02-IS Bing Maps Silverlight Control, Location Intelligence, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008
    Tue 10th of November 13:30-14:45 Interactive Theatre 2 – Orange
  2. WIA306 Enhancing the Mapping Experience with Microsoft Bing Maps
    Thu 12th of November 17:00-18:15 New York 3 – Hall 7-1a

Here is a quick Bing Maps Collection with some MapCruncher layers that shows the venue and helps you find the Bing Maps booth and the locations for my sessions 🙂 You can also jump straight into a 3D-tour.


I’m looking forward to see some of you in Berlin.

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