The Bing Maps Travel Game

Recently I had the pleasure to work with MSN Norway on a Bing Maps Travel Game. The game is sponsored by and went officially live today. Although it is easily localized since all text is received either dynamically through a web service or loaded at the application-start from a xml-file only those of us who speak Norwegian will really be able to enjoy it and have a chance to win a great price at the end. So, if you do speak Norwegian give it a shot but be aware that speed is everything. The faster you find the next lead the more points you get. You can start the game from MSN Norway’s homepage


…or jump to it directly here.

The game is based on the Bing Maps Silverlight Control. When you start the game a number of randomly chosen questions is selected for you and the time to find the first lead ticks down. Now jog your brain and move the map as fast as possible to the location described in the lead. Zoom in to see the sponsor logo and then mouse over it to stop the timer and receive the credit. The faster you are the higher the credit.


Once in the game and only once you can cheat and use the help button to guide you to the destination but be aware: this will cost you 500 points and reduces your chances to win the price.

After you acknowledged the credit the timer ticks for the next question.


When you are through with all questions that have been selected for you you can enter your name and email-address to participate in the drawing. You can also send updates to Twitter or Facebook to share the game with your friends. Have fun 🙂


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