Virtual Earth Quarterly Technical Briefing

3 month are almost over and so I’m giving again a technical webcast on Virtual Earth. It will be on the 26th of September at 11:00 GMT for about 2 hours plus as much time as we need for chat afterwards. If you want to join in, you can register here.

I will also present on day 1 of the REMIX UK 2008 which will take place at the 18th and 19th of September 2008 in Brighton. At the same time and place we will have our Virtual Earth partner days in the UK. Below you find some links to register. The first event is more for existing Virtual Earth partners. The second one might be of interest if you are interested in the technology and want to become a Virtual Earth partner.

Event Date: 18th September
Event ID: 1032373672
Event URL: UK Partner Day

Event Date: 19th September
Event ID: 1032373673
Event URL: New Partner Day

Well, and a week later I will present at day 2 of the AGI 2008

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