Map of Birds Eye Coverage in EMEA & APAC (Part 4)

Step 3: Are Bird's Eye Images Available?
In the next step I use a small .NET-application which I developed myself to retrieve the centroid of each of those tile-shapes:
SELECT BBox.STCentroid().STAsText() FROM [VE-Tiles] WHERE ID=24


The application will spool out a HTML-document and a JavaScript. Once I run this script the map will be positioned on each
point and execute the Virtual Earth method GetBirdseyeScene(). It will also update the database and set a flag for each tile where
we have Bird’s Eye images.


Step 4: Create the Tile-Set

My tiny application can do even more. It will generate colored tiles with a name (quadkey) and size (256 x 256) which matches those of the original VE-tiles. With some GDI-methods I will create the tiles for the lower zoom-levels. And that’s it. I have now my tile-set which I can overlay on top of Virtual Earth. Check out the mashup here.

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3 Responses to Map of Birds Eye Coverage in EMEA & APAC (Part 4)

  1. Brian @ Earthware says:

    Great job, I was looking at doing something similar now I see what was Involved Im kinda glad I didnt start 😉
    I quick issue is I know venice has birdseye imagary but it does not show on the map? No sure if this is because its not in the blom shape file or some other reason
    Brian Norman

  2. Johannes says:

    Thanks for the feedback. You are right. For some reason Venice was not in the SHP-file I got. Please keep reporting these issues and I will fix it with the next update.

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